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Wind Farm Marine Transportation Services

About us

Patriot Offshore was founded as a marine transportation company, dedicated to serving the developing offshore wind farm industry in the United States. To accomplish our mission, Patriot Offshore seeks to procure purpose-built, U.S. Jones Act Compliant vessels dedicated to OSW crew and cargo transportation. Our fleet will model that of the proven high-speed catamaran and monohull designs derived from the European market, allowing us to conduct a variety of marine transportation and support services throughout the construction and O&M phases of an offshore wind farm.

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As offshore wind is an emerges as a new industry in the U.S., Jones Act compliant wind farm construction and service vessels will have to be constructed in U.S. shipyards, by U.S. citizens and operated by a U.S crew. These proven designs have been in operation for years in the European market and can be customized to meet the client's request.


Our mission at Patriot Offshore is to provide reliable, safe and efficient marine transportation services to the offshore wind farm industry.